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Stainless Steel Mono Pump Screw Pump for for Viscous Fluids & Slurries

sanitary mono pump, screw pump for high viscosity fluid like tomato sauce, date paste flow rate from 1000L/H to 18T/H stainless steel contact part
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What is mono pump? 

It is desingend for for viscous fluids & slurries, like tomato sauce, date paste, fruit puree, glue, cream ...

mono pump supplier

Mono pumps are a type of positive displacement pump, also known as screw pump, progressing cavity pump, progressive Cavity Pump, helical rotor pump, and eccentric screw pump. Because of mono pump's excellent ability to handle high viscosity fluid, paste, puree, slurry, mono pump offered by ranking machiney is widely used in tomato sauce making, lotion cream making, glue making and many other chemcial industris. 

mono pump's advantage compared with centrifugal pump / lobe pump / portable barrel pmp

screw pump GW25-1

mono pump suitable for viscous fluids, slurries, liquids that contain large particles, gas-liquid mixtures and sheer sensitive fluids, and it is an ideal choise for potentially tough applications when other pumps like centrifugal pump / Rotary lobe pump / portable barrel pmp may fail. 

sanitary mono pump specification

GW25-1 / 1.1kw / 3.5T/H flow rate / inlet 38mm / outlet 38mm / full stainless steel / 25mm rotor diameter /380V voltage

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Here is a video of the stailess steel mono pump screw pump.

if the mono pump video in this page was failed to display,  please click the link below to watch the video on You Tube https://youtu.be/EbY-ipzq_qc


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