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Small Scale Vertical Autoclave Retort for Canned Food Sterilizing

back pressure sterilizer autoclave / retort 100Liter to 1000Liter for food in tin can, glass jar, glass bottle and vacuum bags with customized temp. control system
Heating by:

canned food, especially canned meat need to be fully sterilized in order to get an extended shelf life udner ambient temperature. In order to get the canned food fully sterilized, we need to use autoclave, or retort. we also call it as sterilizer retort, or retort sterilizer. or autocalve sterilizer. You can finish the sterilization process in an autoclave. 

Ranking machinery offer autoclave or retort with both small scale and large scale. the smallest autoclave can be 60Liter and the biggest autoclave can be 6000Liter or more. For smale scale autoclave, most of our users choose electric heating medium. Electric heating autoclave / retort comes with a group of interior heating elements which immersed in water during sterilization process. When sterilization, heating elements will turn water into steam and an exterior water circulation pump will circulate hot water from retort chamber bottom to the top side and spray onto the canned food to be sterilized.

sterilization basket diameter and height and quantity are all customized based on the working laod.

sterilization control system is also customized.

Please tell us your product size (LxWxH in mm, or diameter and height of your bottle / jar)

we will calculate the loading ability for you.

here are some pictures for reference.

A user's manual in English edition will be offered together with our autoclave retort.

vertical retort users manual

Main specification as below

Chamber sizeDN500×H600DN600×H600DN700×H600DN800×H750DN900×H750DN100×H100
Full capacity156L2333295206761054
Working capacity117Liter170230377477785
Design Temperature 137  137  137  137  137  137  
Working Temperature121 121 121 121 121 121 
Design Pressure0.2 MPa 0.2 MPa 0.2 MPa 0.2 MPa 0.2 MPa 0.2 MPa 
Working Pressure 0.15 MPa0.15 MPa0.15 MPa0.15 MPa0.15 MPa0.15 MPa
Working Medium Hot water, compressed air

Heating typeelectric electric electric electric electric electric 
Heating power8~16kw optional 9~18kw optional 9~27kw optional 9~27kw optional 10~30kw optional 15~45kw optional 
Main Pressure Part Material Stainless steel 304Stainless steel 304Stainless steel 304Stainless steel 304Stainless steel 304Stainless steel 304
Construction material thickness4mm4mm4mm5mm5mm5mm

how to load product into the small scale vertical autoclave?

Here is the operation video (sterilization process of small scale autocalve)


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