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Single-Pin Heavy Duty Clamp tri clamp 13MHH

most popular style of clamp is the single-pin heavy duty clamp
made of stainless steel
with a pin to open and close the clamp, with a threaded bolt to secure the clamp in place

The single-pin heavy duty clamp is the most widely used clamps in processing equipment and pipeline. Consists of a 

single-pin, two U-groove steel parts, threaded bolt and a clamp nut.

The single-pin works as a hinge to open and close the clamp. The  threaded bolt and the clamp nut are used to secure the clamp in place, connecting two ferrules with a gasket in between.

tri-clamp 13MHH

Available size:

1/2" to max 12"

we offer no only single pin heavey duty clamp, double pin clamp, trhee segment clamps, and high pressure clamps (coupling) are all in our busienss scope.

need Tri-Clamp Fittings and Gasket Sizing Guide, please contact our sales team. 

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