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Mono pump or portable drum pump?

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What is Mono pump?

Definition of Mono pump

Mono pumps are characterised by an operation that moves fluid by trapping a fixed volume and forcing that trapped fluid into the discharge pipe.

mono pump stator sketch

Mono pump rotor / stator structure

Ranking Machinery's Mono pump consists of a rubber stator/ metal sleeve  in which a spiralled helical rotor (like a cork screw, hence their names eccentric screw pump) sits tightly inside. As the rotor turns inside the stator, it forms a set of fixed-shaped cavities (space for working laod between rotor and stator) that progress along the length of the stator and force the fluid inside to move along with them as they turn. 

screw pump

The single helical rotor which rolls in the stator with a slightly eccentric motion. The rotor maintains a constant seal across the stator and this seal travels continuously through the pump, giving a positive uniform displacement. The Mono pump is manufactured to meet mining conditions. The rotor is made of special abrasion-resisting or noncorroding steel. The length of the stator and rotor provides for a twist of slightly more than 360 degrees to provide for a complete seal. 

For greater heads the length of stator and rotor are increased so as to provide two or more complete seals in series and the head is then developed in stages.

What is portable drum pump? 

Definition of portable drum pump

portable drum pump is a kind of vertical pumps for pail, drum, barrel, IBC and any other containers for both low and high viscosity fluid. It can be either electric driven or air-operated used to suction fluids out of drums, barrels, pails, and intermediate bulk containers (also known as IBCs or totes). They reduce the risk of spills and minimize product waste by allowing fluid to be removed from containers that are too heavy or large to be tipped for pouring. 

38LPH drum pump

The intake tube of a portable drum pump fits through the opening of a container to dip into the fluid within. The drum pump's pumping mechanism draws fluid through the intake and discharges it from the pump's outlet. The parts of the pump in contact with fluids being pumped should be compatible to avoid damaging the pump or contaminating pumped fluids. Drum pumps are commonly used in agriculture, manufacturing, sanitation, and fleet maintenance operations for dispensing fuels or other fluids and transferring fluids to smaller containers.

for high viscosity fluid, portable drum pump will be desinged into screw type, simile like mono pumps's rotor and stator assemble. 

Mono pump or portable drum pump? 

How to choose a mono pump or a portable barrel pump?

in Ranking machiney, we call both the two above mentioned pumps as screw pump, or mobo pump. to make things clear, we use mono pump / screw pump for the first pump (horizontal desin), and use portable drum pump for the vertical pump.

both of our mono pump and portable drum pump can be used for high viscosity fluid like ointment, gel, glue, cream, sauce, syrup, tomato sauce, epoxy resin, grease, lecithin, vaseline, lubricating oil, etc. 

the main difference is the pump installation method. if you want to transfer the working fluid from the bottom of your container, and the pump have to be installed horizontally, the mono pump is ideal.

if your container only have opennings on the top, the portable barrel pump will be a great choise.

If you are not sure about which pump to choose, please contact our customer service staff.  Our technical personnel are always online to provide you with professional advice.  



Synonym of : helical rotor pump, Progressive cavity pump, Progressing cavity pump, eccentric screw pump, positive displacement pump, eccentric screw pump, rotary screw pump


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