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high shear mxier for hand sanitizer mixing - How does it work?

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Rotor-stator homogenizers - How does it work? 

The high shear rotor-stator homogenizer or batch type homogenizer is designed to make dispersions and emulsions, and most biological tissues are quickly and thoroughly homogenized with this high shear homo mixer.

The appropriately sized cellular material is drawn up into the apparatus by a rapidly rotating rotor (blade) positioned within a static head or tube (stator) containing slots or holes.

There the material is centrifugally thrown outward in a pump like fashion to exit through the slots or holes. Because the rotor (blade) turns at a very high rpm, the tissue is rapidly reduced in size by a combination of extreme turbulence, cavitation and scissor-like mechanical shearing occurring within the narrow gap between the rotor and the stator. Since most rotor-stator homogenizers have an open configuration, the product is repeatedly recirculated. The process is fast and depending on the toughness of the tissue sample, desired results will usually be obtained in 15-120 seconds. For the recovery of intracellular organelles


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