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Top mount homogenizer or bottom emulsifer?

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1. How many kw motor should i use for my hand sanitizer gel / liquid soap / facial cream / liquid detergent production?

- We usually choose the motor size for high shear mixer / homo mixer / homogenizer / emulisfier based on  the  capacity of lotion / liquid soap / cream / sanitizer gel / facial cream / slurry / liquid detergent.
- please let us know your processing capacity request for the high shear mixer / homo mixer / emulsifying tank / cream preparation tank

2.  What is the difference between Bottom emulsifier and top entry homogenizer?
- both bottom emulsifier and top mount homogenizer are batch type homogenizing mixer / cycle operation type homo mixer. Bottom emulsifier mount on tank bottom while top mount emulsifer / homogenizer installed on tank top.

3. what is the spinning speed of the emulsifying rotor?
- 3000rpm / 3600rpm fixed speed or 0~ 8000rpm variable speed control (VFD control)

4. How many liter holding tank / container / vessel should i use for the top mount homogenizer?
- we have as small as 100Liter tank and as big as 60,000Liter tank for you to choose from. you can choose any tank capacity for your batch homogenizer.


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