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Instructions for the use of tube ultra high temperature sterilizer

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Tube uht machine widely used in milk, fruit juice, tea drinks, containing milk beverage, tomato sauce, condiments, beer, cream, ice cream, egg products, solid powder and other products of the original formula to determine and update, products of chongqing chigo after screening, assessment of colors/emulsifier and stabilizer application, new product development and sample production.

Characteristics of tubular ultra-high temperature sterilizer:

1, including regeneration, heating and cooling, and the plate and pipe sterilization can be combined in a variety of forms, and with two independent heating and cooling parts, in order to homogenize online.The temperature of the product can reach 150℃.All the parts in contact with the products are made of 316 stainless steel, the plate gaskets and seals are made of food-grade fluororubber, and the pipeline connections of the products are made of DIN sanitary fittings.

In the display output, the machine is equipped with touch screen and PLC program control, which dynamically reflects the temperature, flow and other parameters of the product, and can choose pressure gauge or digital sensor according to user requirements.Therefore, the equipment can simulate most industrial production conditions in the laboratory.

2. PLC control is adopted to automatically control the heating temperature, hot water temperature and steam flow regulation of each section of the material, and an automatic reflux system is set up to ensure 100% sterilization effect of the material.

3. The whole machine is made of food-grade stainless steel to ensure the safety and health standards of beverage and food equipment.

4. Materials and heating media are heated through non-contact heat exchange in their respective sealing systems to ensure the health and safety of materials.

Tube type ultra high temperature sterilizing machine

1. Heat the pot to generate steam. When the pointer of the pressure gauge reaches 33.78kpa, open the exhaust valve to discharge the cold air.

2, heating, the pot steam increases, the pressure gauge pointer rises, when the pot pressure increases to the required pressure, will reduce the firepower, according to the characteristics of sterilized items, make the steam pressure to maintain the required pressure for a certain time, and then sterilizer power or cut off the fire, let its natural cold after slowly open the exhaust valve to eliminate residual gas.


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