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How should protein beverage stir jar maintain?

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Protein beverage stirring cans are widely used in dairy products, fruit juice drinks, pharmaceutical chemicals or biological engineering and other fields. Protein beverage stirring cans should be maintained as follows:

1. Pressure gauge and safety valve of protein beverage stirring tank shall be checked regularly, and timely replacement or repair in case of failure.

2. When cleaning the protein beverage stirring can, please use a soft brush, and do not scrape it with a hard device, so as to avoid damage to the surface of the fermentation tank.

3. The matching instrument of protein beverage stirring tank should be checked once a year to ensure normal use.

4. Electrical appliances, meters, sensors and other electrical equipment are strictly prohibited from directly contacting with water and steam to prevent moisture.

5. When the stirring tank for protein drinks stops being used, it shall be cleaned in time to drain the remaining water in the fermentation tank and various pipes;Loosen the cover of fermentation tank and hand hole screw to prevent the sealing ring from deformation.

6. The operation platform of protein beverage stirring tank, constant temperature water tank and other carbon steel equipment shall be painted regularly to prevent corrosion.

7. Check the oil level of the reducer of protein beverage stirring can frequently. If the lubricating oil is not enough, it should be increased in time.

8. Regularly change the lubricating oil for reducer of the mixing tank of protein beverage to extend its service life.

9. If the protein beverage stirring tank is not used for the time being, empty the fermentation tank and exhaust the remaining water in the tank and pipes.

Above is the protein beverage stirring can maintenance introduction, I hope to help you understand.


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